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DOB: Unknown

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 176 lbs.

Blood Type: Unknown

Nationality: Japanese

Discipline: Shotokan Karate

"Weaklings! Is there no one worth fighting?"

Akuma is a demonic entity in the body of Gouki who, like Ryu, wanders the earth in search of suitable competition. He seeks to eliminate all those who know the secret of the origin of his powers. He also seeks a final, fatal confrontation with Ryu, the only person alive that can possibly be his equal. Drawing out Ryu's hidden potential and fighting Ryu to the death is the only thing that can satisfy Akuma's bloodthirsty inclinations.

Akuma's past is shrouded in mystery. He is the embodiment of an evil entity which held the key to a fearsome power called the Raging Demon, which was sealed by the Shotokan master Goutetsu. The Shotokan fighting style allowed it's practitioners to kill with a mere strike. The secret of this deadly technique was the focusing of the powerful forces of destruction, called forth by beckoning the power of the Raging Demon. Goutetsu wisely decided to banish the use of the Messatsu, and taught his two young sons, Gouken and Gouki, a gentler version of the Shotokan arts. While Gouken agreed with his father's decision, it was apparent that Gouki did not. Gouki, unlike his calm brother, was ruled by his emotions and often fought with rage. This rashness caused Gouki to train in the woods alone, that he might discover the secret technique on his own. One day while in the forest, he stumbled upon a mysterious cave, where a voice called out and asked him if he wanted to learn the secret techniques. Gouki, not thinking of the consequences, agreed to the voices' demands, and his body was taken over by the demonic force known as Akuma. Returning home, he murdered his father with his newfound killing technique, and quickly looked through his belongings to see if any others knew of the killing techniques. He discovered that there was another, Goutetsu's friend Gen, whom Goutetsu often trained. Akuma vowed to kill Gen, but not before he would murder his brother. Gouken, however, became aware of his brother's treachery, and quickly fled.

Akuma spent years attempting to find Gouken. He and Gen were the only two people alive who knew Akuma's secrets, and they had to be eliminated. Akuma finally located his brother, who had become a Shotokan master and was training two young warriors, Ryu and Ken. Akuma confronted Gouken high in the mountains, and finally overcame him with the Messatsu technique. Ryu and Ken witnessed their master's death and challenged Akuma, but the demon merely swatted them aside. He then told them to seek him out when they were strong enough to fight him. Having tied up that loose end, he then began his search for Gen, in order to protect his secret from being discovered. After a time, he found Gen, and the two engaged in combat. For a while, it seemed that neither had the ability to defeat the other, but finally Gen admitted he could not defeat the demonic fighter. His resolve weakened, Gen was easily defeated by Akuma. Surprisingly, Akuma permitted Gen to live as long as he told no one of Akuma's secret. Realizing that there were worthy competitors in this world, he later challenged Ryu. Weakened by his battle with Gen, Akuma was only able to fight Ryu to a standstill. Akuma retreated, but not before telling Ryu that he had the potential to awaken the Raging Demon as well. To protect his secret yet again, Akuma destroyed his secret cave and went into hiding. Akuma realized that there were powerful humans on earth, such as Ryu, Gen, and even M.Bison, who were perhaps capable of defeating him.

Akuma kept close tabs on the second World Warriors tournament, but remained in the shadows as he watched the World Warriors fight. It had been Bison's hope to draw Akuma out of hiding and persuade him to join Shadowloo. When Akuma did make his presence known, it was right after Bison had been defeated by Ryu. Bison awoke to find Akuma standing over him, and the beaten warrior was unable to put up any resistance. Akuma allegedly used the Raging Demon on Bison, and left him for dead.

After traveling the globe in search of more competition, Akuma entered the third World Warrior tournament to test his skills, and also to see if Ryu had reached his full potential yet. The demon within his body had taken full control, and he had unleashed his most deadly fighting technique yet, the Kon Goku RetsuZan. As he watched Ryu from the shadows, he knew that it would only be a matter of time before Ryu was ready for their final confrontation.

-Akuma means devil in Japanese. In Japan, Akuma is called Gouki, which means Great Demon.
1. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (secret character) 2. Street Fighter Alpha (secret character) 3. Street Fighter Alpha 2 4. X-Men Children of the Atom (secret character) 5. Street Fighter Alpha 2/Alpha 2 Gold 6. X-Men Versus Street Fighter (secret character) 7. Street Fighter EX/EX Plus/EX Plus Alpha 8. Marvel Super Heroes Versus Street Fighter 9. Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact 10. Street Fighter Alpha 3 11. Street Fighter3: Third Strike 12. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (arcade only)
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