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Height: 5'9"

Weight: 163 lbs.

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Chinese (Hong Kong)

Discipline: Shotokan Karate, (modified)

"Anyone can fight... But no one can show off like I can!"

Dan was a reckless youth who was constantly getting into trouble. His father, Go Hibiki, saw that his son needed discipline and attempted to train him in the martial arts. Dan was never able to master the art of fighting, and his continued failures disgraced him. Growing more reckless, he left home and began to wander the world in the hopes of finding a master who could teach him. While he was gone, his father left for Thailand to challenge the Muay Thai master named Sagat. For a while, it seemed that Go had the advantage, but the mighty Sagat soon defeated him. Go had been dealt a mortal blow, and he died just a few days after the fight.

Dan managed to get word of this during his travels, and raced home to find that his father was indeed dead. Filled with rage, Dan vowed to avenge his death and defeat Sagat. In desperate need of training, Dan went to Japan to a man named Gouken in order to learn the killing techniques of Shotokan Karate. He began learning the basics, but was again disgraced by Gouken's prize students, Ryu and Ken. Even the less-adept Retsu was able to outshine Dan in Gouken's eyes. Frustrated, Dan demanded that Gouken teach him the Shotokan killing techniques. Gouken explained that the killing techniques were forbidden, and seeing the rage in Dan's eyes he refused to train him further. Dan left Gouken's dojo possessing only a rudimentary Shotokan education.

Dan began to train on his own, and developed his own unique (if less effective) fighting style which he called Saikyo-Ryu ("The Strongest Style"). Believing his style to truly be the strongest, he decided that after he defeated Sagat he would open up his own dojo and teach Saikyo-Ryu to others. After he completed his "training," Dan received word that Sagat had been defeated by Ryu. Not wanting anyone to interfere with his plans for revenge, Dan immediately headed to Thailand to confront Sagat. He managed to find Sagat after a few months of searching, and challenged the fallen champion. Dan was in way over his head, however, as Sagat was more massive and powerful than ever before. Dan was pummeled without mercy, and surely would have been killed had Ryu not intervened. Dan was tossed aside as the two great rivals squared off again, and Sagat was again defeated. Despite seeing Sagat in defeat, Dan still felt his task was not completed. He also felt a burning hatred for Ryu and Ken, because they had outshone him at Gouken's dojo and because Ryu had interfered in his fight with Sagat.

After his disgrace, Dan became a hobo, wandering from place to place and fighting for money. In his travels, he encountered Sakura, a Japanese schoolgirl trying to emulate Ryu's fighting style. Seeking to prove that his style was the best, Dan began teaching Sakura moves. While in Sakura's hometown, Dan participated in a tournament hosted by Karin Kanzuki, in which he lost to Ken. This only served to further his animosity towards Ryu and Ken.

When he set out to find Sagat again, he found that the Muay Thai fighter had been defeated by his former pupil Adon. Dan challenged Sagat again, and this time defeated the reckless fighter. Feeling that his father had been avenged by Sagat's disgrace, Dan returned to Hong Kong and began recruiting students for his new Saikyo-Ryu dojo, which opened to great success.

After a few years, Dan felt that he was stuck in a rut and temporarily shut the dojo down. He began to wander the world again in search of worthy competition. His travels led him to Brazil, where he met up with a local Brazilian legend named Blanka. Dan had met Blanka before he faced Sagat the first time, and the beast had saved his life. Not forgetting the debt he owed Blanka, Dan offered to take Blanka back to his dojo and train him. Blanka, whom Dan knew as Jimmy, felt confident in his own fighting skills and declined the offer. After advising Blanka to travel the world in search of his own challenges, Dan returned to the Saikyo dojo to once again train his students.


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