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Height: 7'11"

Weight: 440 lbs.

Blood Type:

Nationality: German

Discipline: Wrestling


Hugo is a gigantic professional German wrestler. Once a criminal, Hugo was a member of the Mad Gear Gang until it was broken up by Guy. Unable to find work, Hugo eagerly joined Sodom's new incarnation of the gang, until it too was disbanded. Frustrated with his life of crime, Hugo resolved to go straight and became a professional wrestler. Poison Kiss, also a former Mad Gear Gang member, became his agent, and Hugo quickly rose to the top of the wrestling world and became a champion. Despite his incredible success, Hugo wanted more out of wrestling. He sought to enter the tag team ranks, and challenge the Slam Masters, B. Widow and Mike Haggar. Due to his filthy hygeine and demeanor, Hugo was unable to find anyone who would team up with him, so he decided to enter the third World Warrior tournament to find a partner. He found many worthy opponents, but none captivated him like the African warrior Elena. Before he could ask her to be his partner, he was confronted by Alex. He extended an offer of partnership to Alex, but Alex just laughed. So, Hugo made him a wager. If Hugo beat Alex, the American must become his partner. Alex accepted, and eventually defeated Hugo. Accepting his defeat, Hugo returned to the ring alone. He never gave up hope that maybe one day he would once again meet the long-legged Elena and convince her to become his partner.

-Hugo was known only as Andore in the Final Fight series, and as Hugo in Street Fighter 3:2nd Impact. -There were four different Andores in the Final Fight series: Andore (red overalls), Andore Jr. (purple), G. Andore (blue) and U. Andore (grey). None were end-of-level bosses.
1. Final Fight (unselectable) 2. Final Fight 2 (unselectable) 3. Final Fight 3 (unselectable) 4. Street Fighter 3:2nd Impact 5. Street Fighter 3:3rd Impact 6. Final Fight Revenge
1. Street Fighter Alpha - In Sodom's ending 2. Street Fighter Alpha 2 - In Guy's stage
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