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Height: 5'10"

Weight: 178 lbs.

Blood Type: O

Nationality: American

Discipline: None

Weapon of Choice: Tonfa stick, grenades

"It's okay, perfection is not for everyone."

Once a U.S. military specialist, Rolento became obsessed with military power and soon left the service to form his own paramilitary unit. An expert in all types of weapons and in brutal combat, Rolento is a very dangerous man. Believing only the strong should survive, he sought to create a country with perfect military order. Naturally, he enforced strict discipline among his troops. His motto was "take no prisoners," and he punished any soldier who showed weakness by choking them to death with a metal cable. Every man in his unit feared Rolento, and those who didn't quickly found themselves defeated by the insane mercenary.

Rolento's paramilitary actions gained the attention of the Mad Gear Gang. They hired Rolento and his mercenary unit to terrorize the streets of Metro City. Their activities soon provoked a response from the Metro City mayor Mike Haggar, and an anti-crime war began. When the Mad Gear kidnapped Haggar's daughter Jessica, Haggar, Guy and Cody began a three-man assault on the Mad Gear. They defeated Rolento and decimated his army on their way to rescuing Jessica. The Mad Gear split up after that, and Rolento found himself with no troops to command. His ego was shot, but he soon collected himself and gathered his remaining men to hunt down Guy. After Guy's defeat, he planned to amass an even larger army to rule the once crime-ridden streets of Metro City.

While he was preparing his troops for battle, Rolento was approached by Sodom, another former Mad Gear member. Sodom was assembling a new Mad Gear and he wanted Rolento to join. Rolento cared nothing for the new gang, but agreed to join Sodom in a quest for revenge against Guy. The two managed to lure Guy into a trap and had almost succeeded in killing him before Ryu intervened. The two defeated warriors fled in disgrace, their plans foiled.

Rolento soon split from Sodom because of a difference in philosophies, and he returned to his mercenary unit in preperation for an assault on Metro City. Before he could begin his invasion, he was approached by Shadowlaw, who sought the aid of his unit in their bid for global domination. As twisted as he was, even Rolento had morals and he refused Shadowlaw's offer. In retribution, Shadowlaw attacked Rolento's unit and completely destroyed it. Rolento barely escaped, and found himself wandering in the desert. Just when he thought he would die of dehydration, a large tractor- trailor pulled up beside him. It was driven by Sodom, and he offered Rolento a ride. It seems that he had been keeping tabs on Rolento, and had decided that Rolento declining Shadowlaw's offer meant that Rolento's intentions were pure again. Realizing what an ally Sodom could be, Rolento agreed to accept Sodom's help in planning a new attack on Metro City.

The actual attack did not take place until several years later, long after Guy and Cody had left. Rolento drove a tank right down the middle of Main Street and declared Metro City his property, the sight of his own utopia. The people of Metro City did not share his view of idealism, and began a rebellion against him. Rolento soon found defeat at the hands of Mike Haggar, and he was driven from Metro City once again. After the failed takeover of the city, Rolento has never been heard from again.

-Rolento is known as Rolent in Japan.
1. Final Fight 2 (unselectable boss) 2. Street Fighter Alpha 2/Alpha 2 Gold 3. Street Fighter Alpha 3 4. Final Fight Revenge
1. Street Fighter Alpha - appeared in Sodom's ending
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