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Height: 5'5"

Weight: 134 lbs.

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Chinese

Discipline: Kung Fu

"I live for death...yours!"

Gen is a skilled Chinese martial artist and a former assassin. As a young man, he had been friends with the Shotokan master Goutetsu, who tought Gen the legendary Messatsu killing technique. He used a modified version of it in his career as an assassin. When Goutetsu made the decision to seal the technique, Gen agreed never to teach it to another soul. He even withheld it from his son, Lee, whom he was training in the ways of martial arts. Gen remained active in the Hong Kong area until he heard that Goutetsu had been murdered by his son Gouki. He had used the forbidden Messatsu technique, and Gen knew that Gouki would be looking for anyone who had knowledge of the technique. Thus, he went into seclusion, training fighters in a military compound in Shanghai. It was there that he trained his grandsons Yun and Yang in the ways of martial arts. He saw that they showed great promise, unlike their father.

After years of living in secrecy, Gen realized that he had to seek out Gouki and destroy him. He entered the first World Warriors tournament hoping to find leads. He found no trace of Gouki, and was defeated by a youth named Ryu who had been the pupil of Goutetsu's son Gouken. He returned to training his pupils while gathering information on Gouki. After a few years, he finally found a trace of Gouki, who now called himself Akuma. He followed Akuma's faint trail and eventually caught up with him. A fierce battle ensued, but Akuma was much too powerful for Gen as he later admitted. Defeated, Gen told Akuma to finish him and preserve his secret. For some reason, Akuma left him to his fate, demanding that Gen never reveal his secret to anyone. Returning home, Gen realized that he could not defeat Akuma, but was no longer hunted by him either. He continued to train his students, searching for the one who could beat Akuma.

Years passed, and Gen became ill. Realizing that he was dying, he attempted to find Akuma in the hopes of engaging in a death match. He never found his demonic enemy, and retired back to his home to meet his end in peace.

-Gen is the only Street Fighter character to have two seperate fighting styles.
1. Street Fighter (unselectable) 2. Street Fighter Alpha 2 3. Street Fighter Alpha 3
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