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"I admire your courage, but you'd be a fool to stand against me again."

Little is known about the madman named Gill, except that he controls a powerful secret society which has ruled nearly all underworld activites worldwide for thousands of years. The society's objective is to make Earth into a Utopian society by the year 2200. Every 24 years, a new president of this circle is chosen from the children of 1024 groups of specialists. Based on Zodiac predictions, Chinese Fuunshu, and various fortune-telling and witchcraft, a few of these children are picked to be trained and educated in all forms of Earth culture, from the fighting arts and scholarly pursuits. Gill was selected as the newest president, and he embraced his role fully as a leader of the order. Gill is a master of many different martial arts and is also highly intelligent, but is also power-hungry. Gill hosted the third World Warriors tournament on his hidden island as a way of financing his entry into the global arena of politics. He also wanted to test his skills against the best fighters in the world. As a means of financing his empire, Gill reposessed a very influential family's estate. He also had a soldier created to protect him, the cybersoldier known only as Necro. Confident that no one could beat him, he issued the challenge to many of the world's greatest Street Fighters, including the last tournament's champion and titleholder, Ryu. Seeking another in his empire as a soldier, Gill went to the home of an ex-soldier named Tom, who had taken in the son of his friend and taught him a great deal about the fighting arts. Attempting to persuade Tom to convince Alex to join his organization proved futile, and he ended up badly beating Tom. Thus, the challenge was issued to Alex, who then sought revenge against Gill for Tom's defeat. It would not be Alex who brought the downfall of Gill, but the champion himself, Ryu. He was then confronted by Ibuki and Dudley. Beaten, he could do nothing but concede defeat, and gave Dudley back the last of his father's unreclaimed possessions, his car. Before his mysterious disappearance, he also handed Ibuki files on his organization, known as the G-Files. Right before his escape, he ensnared an angry Necro as he activated the island's self-destruct sequence. The organization, displeased with the performance of Gill's brother Urien, decided to teach him a lesson by giving him what he wanted, namely the presidency of the secret order. However Gill still remains higher up than Urien, with a promotion to the rank of Emperor. Gill has not been seen since then, and many rumors persist that he is still biding his time for revenge against the Street Fighters whom were instrumental in his organization's collapse.

1. Street Fighter 3 (unselectable boss) 2. Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact (unselectable boss) 3. Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (unselectable boss)
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