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Blood Type:

Nationality: Japanese

Discipline: Bushinryu Ninjutsu

Hokuto was raised as a member of the Bushinryu ninja clan. Her family believed in the honor of Bushin, and taught it to Hokuto and her two siblings, Kairi and Nanase. As Hokuto trained, she noticed that Kairi was beginning to act strangely, and when he turned 17 he dissapeared. Hokuto was not told what had happened to her older brother until she had become a fully trained Bushin ninja. Her godfather told her that Kairi had been practicing evil techniques, and the clan elders feared that he had left home to follow the path of the "Ashura." The elders assigned her to find Kairi and stop him before he completely followed the path of evil. Thus, Hokuto set out to embark on the "Bushinryu tests" and find her brother.

After long months of searching, Hokuto finally found her brother. Much to her dismay, he had already been consumed by the Ashura. Hokuto fought Kairi in the hopes of returning him to his senses, but was defeated by her vastly powerful brother. As she lay at Kairi's feet, Ashura appeared, and she discovered that the Ashura was really the renegade Shotokan warrior Akuma. As he had done with Kairi, Akuma consumed Hokuto and made her his evil pupil. Now compeltely under Akuma's control, Kairi and Hokuto's only hope was their younger sister, Nanase.

- Hokuto is a member of Guy's ninja clan.
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