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Birdie's Win Quotes

Street Fighter Alpha/Alpha 2
It's good to be back!
What made you think you could beat me?
Still the best!
Show some respect and maybe you keep breathing.

Street Fighter Alpha 3
I am Birdie! The most rotten villian in the world... I hope!
Eh? What was that? Speak up, I can't hear you from down there!
That was a pleasant snapping! At least four or five ribs...
You were ugly before we met... Now I can't even bear to look!
Oh, what!?... Before? I looked pale because I was sick!!
Hey! My clothes are stained with your blood! Help me clean it up!
If my name is Birdie, then why are you saying, "CHEAP! CHEAP!"
Did you just call me something? Why don't you tell me again!

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