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Cammy's Win Quotes

Super Street Fighter 2
Your missing teeth will remind you of my victory.

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Malfunction...Malfunction...Woah!? Did I just do that!?
Minor damage...Memory error! What am I doing here...?
Life readings confirmed. Power readings are negative!
Condition green! Motor functions operating at maximum efficiency!
Data evaluated! Target exhibited zero capability. Terminating...
Target destroyed! Remaining in secondary combat mode!
Mission complete! Standing by for the next command!
Fighting data retrieved successfully!

Mid and End Boss Dialogue

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Mid-Boss 1: Dhalsim

Cammy: Target in range... Master of Yoga; Dhalsim... Standing by to measure his fighting data...

Dhalsim: Is she an assassin of Shadowloo? Her aura is disturbing... Her eyes... They are not human. They are... just like a machine.

Cammy: Your words... useless! And now I will extract your fighting data from you.

(Cammy fights and defeats Dhalsim)

Cammy: Uhh... Ohhhh... My head...

Dhalsim: I can see inside your mind... Is that confusion?... Or fear...?

Cammy: I don't want to know! Never look into my mind!!

Dhalsim: I heard that Shadowloo has technology that can control human minds... Perhaps your true consciousness is trying to come out.

Cammy: Shut up...! Go away...! Leave me alone...!

Mid-Boss 2: Vega

Cammy: Designation... VEGA. You are disgusting...

Vega: Heh heh heh just like a doll, yet so beautiful when in agony. I was ordered to bring back the guinea pig...

Cammy: Guinea pig? I am an assassin of Shadowloo...!

Vega: Heh heh heh! He doesn't need you anymore!

Cammy: What do you mean?

Vega: Resisting? Okay, lets see what the doll's blood looks like!

Cammy: Stay where you are... I don't want to have to harm you!

(Cammy fights and defeats Vega)

Vega: I underestimated you. It's a shame that you'll be terminated by the hit squad of Shadowloo...

Cammy: No! That can't be! You lie!

Vega: Heh heh heh... You will soon see the truth...

Cammy: I am to be terminated...? Why.....?!

End Boss: M.Bison

M.Bison: I didn't expect you to return, Cammy...!

Cammy: Master Bison!! Why me...?!

M.Bison: Answer this question first... Why didn't you finish Vega?

Cammy: B.. Because...

M.Bison: You became conscious of yourself! You are useless to me! I'll leave these two dolls to eliminate you.

(Cammy fights Juni and Juli)

M.Bison: Impressive! Most impressive!! But, it's just too annoying to see a mere copy of myself.

Cammy: A copy... Am I... A copy of master Bison...?!

M.Bison: That's right, we have the same DNA. You're only a copy of me.

Cammy: !!

M.Bison: But you are a worthless defect. And now I will break you!

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