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Ken's Win Quotes

Street Fighter 2
Attack me if you dare, I will crush you.

Street Fighter Alpha/Alpha 2
Next time I won't be so easy on you!
Don't tell me you're actually unconscious.
Now you see the difference between us.
You're better than you look. Try harder.

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Rivalry can often inspire one's skill to become its best!
Strong fighters such as yourself make it worth staying in shape!
True strength is something money and credit cards cannot buy!
Fights like this bring out the best in me!
I need a better workout than this! Where's Eliza?!
Shoryureppa...! Shinryuken...! Feel my burning vigor!

Street Fighter 3: Second Impact
The flame of my fist won't be put out so easily!
The 'dragon' within me is always ready to strike. You should know from experience.

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