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Zangief's Win Quotes

Street Fighter Alpha 2
Don't make me angry or I'll beat the crap out of you!
Hit me again...please?
Nothing can escape my furious swirling death move.
Quit blocking my hits with your face!

Street Fighter Alpha 3
It is not too late to build your body! Strengthen those triceps!
Nothing can escape my deadly swirling attacks!
If you had a stronger body, you might not have been paralyzed!
Flesh! Bone! Viscera! My body of steel knows no weaknesses!
Spun uncontrollably skyward... Driven brutally into the ground!
Consider yourself lucky! At least you can still walk!
I'll dedicate this fight to the people of Russia!

Marvel Versus Capcom
A tough country breeds an even tougher man!
I apologize. I damaged the floor with your head!
I'd shake your hand, but your arms are over there!
I'm sorry! Do you require medical attention?
Wow! You make me feel so powerful!

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