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Street Fighter Alpha Stages

Japanese Street - Ryu, Guy; modeled after a bath house and convenience store outside of Capcom of Japan's Osaka offices.

Roman Arena - Rose, Birdie; copy of the arena used by Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in the movie Return of the Dragon. Rose's is a yellowish-brown, while Birdie's has a bluish tint.

Great Wall - Chun-Li, Akuma; the Great Wall of China, similar to Lee's Street Fighter stage. Chun-Li fights at twilight, Akuma during the day. (Shouldn't that be the other way around?).

City Street - Charlie, Ken; Ken fights at night, and the streets are nearly deserted. Charlie fights during the day, and a large crowd has assembled. There are also slight differences in the background props.

Train Station - Sodom, M.Bison

Buddhist Statue - Sagat, Adon, Dan; Each character's background is a slightly different tint.

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