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Street Fighter Alpha 2 Stages

Suzakujo Countryside - (Ryu, Japan) A winter setting, with a temple in the background.

Genova City Port - (Rose, Italy) Situated next to a canal, a ship is floating by.

San Francisco Bay - (Ken, USA) Ken fights on a yacht, where a birthday party for Eliza is being held.

Beijing - (Chun-Li, China) A bustling city street.

Ayuthaya Temple Ruins - (Sagat, Thailand) A variation on his familiar Street Fighter 2 stage.

Detroit Highway - (Charlie, USA) Despite name, takes place on a rooftop. A jet flies up and hovers in the background.

Bank of the Chaopraya - (Adon, Thailand) Riverside with a temple in the background.

W.C. in the London Underground - (Birdie, England) A seedy public restroom.

Metro City - (Guy, USA) Street in the midwestern Metro City. This stage brings back the cast from the classic Final Fight game. Andore, Cody, Haggar, Thrasher, and many others can be seen in the background.

Arizona Desert - (Sodom, USA) Sodom's 18-Wheeler parked in the middle of the desert.

Atop the VTOL - (M.Bison, Brazil) The contestants fight atop Bison's personal aircraft. In the background stand two soldiers that come to attention whenever Bison passes by.

Gokhento - (Akuma, Japan) Akuma's secret cave.

Temple Street - (Dan, Hong Kong) A Hong Kong marketplace. Fei Long can be seen watching the action in the background.

Setagaya-ku, 2-Chame, Tokyo - (Sakura, Japan) Outside Sakura's house.

Bank of the Ganges - (Dhalsim, India) Elephants lounge on an outdoor temple by the Ganges River.

Bilsk Steelworks - (Zangief, Russia) Inside a foundry.

Shanghai - (Gen, China) Dark alleyway.

New York - (Rolento, USA) Atop an industrial elevator, going up a Manhatten skyscraper.

Waterfall - Secret stage where Charlie fights M. Bison in the Arcade mode.

Savanna - Secret stage where Ryu fights Sagat in Arcade mode.

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