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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Stages

Jungle Ruins - (Adon, Thailand) The ruins of a temple in the jungle.

Akuma's Lair - (Akuma, Japan) Akuma's subterranean cave. Evil Ryu fights in a variant of the cave, and it is the stage used for the Training mode.

Las Vegas - (Balrog, USA) A Las Vegas street.

Wrecked Trainyard - (Birdie, England) A dilapidated trainyard, similar to the stage he and M. Bison shared in Street Fighter Alpha.

Jungle Shack - (Blanka, Brazil) An old shack in the Amazon rain forest.

Waterside House - (Cammy, Greece)

Aircraft Hangar - (Charlie, USA)

City Square - (Chun-Li, China) A Chinese town square. A man is on a platform, shouting commands at a group excersizing in the background.

Jailhouse - (Cody, USA) The jail that Cody was held at. He's knocked out the walls and tied up the guard, and the other inmates are shouting at him to free them.

Playground - (Dan, ) A playground.

Reggae Club - (Dee-Jay, Jamaica)

Hindu Temple - (Dhalsim, India)

Japanese House - (E.Honda, Japan) Traditional Japanese house.

Training Grounds - (Fei Long, Hong Kong) A sparse training area. Many students can be seen in the background, honing their skills.

Deserted Waterfront - (Gen, China)

Metro City - (Guy, USA) A Metro City street at night. Only Haggar remains to cheer Guy on from his Alpha 2 stage.

Point - (M.Bison, Juni, and Juni; Thailand) Clearing outside Bison's Shadowlaw base. Trees move in the wind, and a light rain is falling. When fighting against Bison in Arcade mode, the faint image of a skull appears on the screen whenever lightning cracks.

Yacht - (Karin, Japan) The Kanzuki zaibatsu's private yacht.

Poolside - (Ken, USA) Beside a pool at Ken's California home.

Wrestling Ring - (R.Mika, Japan) Makeshift wrestling ring in a public area.

Subway - (Rolento, USA) Subway cars go by, carrying tanks and armament for Rolento's armies.

Townhouse - (Rose, Italy) Inside an Italian townhouse. There is a spiral staircase leading to a second story, and a balcony on the right.

Countryside - (Ryu, Japan)

Buddhist Statue - (Sagat, Thailand) Sagat's familiar statue. Many endings reveal that Bison has a laser weapon hidden in this statue.

Street - (Sakura, Japan)

Toyland - (Sodom, USA) An underground carnival-like room, reminiscent of Skullomania's Street Fighter EX stage. A model train drives by in the foreground.

Desert - (T.Hawk, Mexico) Barren desert.

Matador cage - (Vega, Spain) An outdoor matador cage.

Foundry - (Zangief, Russia) Inside the Russian foundry.

Train - (Guile, USA) Atop a moving train. A helicopter flies in the background. This was a secret stage that became available when Guile was unlocked from World Tour mode.

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