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Street Fighter EX Plus Stages

Mountain Temple - (Ryu, Akuma) The outside of a temple high in the mountains. Snow is on the ground, and more falls during the fight.

Woodlands - (Ken) A clearing in a forest.

Forbidden City - (Chun-Li) The courtyard of the Forbidden City in China.

Air Force Base - (Guile, Allen)

Steelworks - (Zangief) Outside the Russian steelworks. A train can be seen in the background.

Cherry Blossom House - (Hokuto, Kairi) Outside a house with cherry trees at night.

Indian Palace - (Pullum) Inside Pullum's father's palace.

Town Square - (C.Jack, Blair) In the town square of a European city. A waterfall can be seen in the background.

Sewer - (D.Dark) Dark sewer. The combatents fight in the water.

Carnival Warehouse - (Skullomania) Apparently a warehouse that a carnival uses for storage.

Dark Temple - (Garuda) A dark and sinister temple. Rats can be seen scurrying around on the floor.

Hindu Temple - (Darun) Outside a Hindu shrine in the desert.

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