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Marvel Super Heroes Stages

Laboratory - (Iron Man) A high tech laboratory where Tony Stark works on his armor.

? - (Psylocke)

Swinging Bridge - (Wolverine) Swinging bridge over a waterfall. Pieces of it break away, and when one character is KO'd it finally breaks. The beaten contestant falls into the waterfall, while the victor lands safely on a rock outcropping.

Merry-Go-Round - (Hulk) A wrecked merry-go round at a carnival.

Scaffolding - (Spider-Man) Both contestants fight on scaffolding outside a Manhattan skyscraper.

Waterfront - (Captain America)

Waterfront (?) - (Juggernaut)

Hidden Base - (Magneto)

Underworld Lair - (Blackheart) Blackheart's underworld domain. Fire engulfs the background of the stage, and silhouettes can be seen writhing in agony.

Alien Desert - (Shuma-Gorath) A peculiar desert area. The skeleton of a gigantic alien being can be seen in the background.

Orbital Base - (Dr. Doom) Doom's headquarters in outer space, utilizes the same design as Magneto's base.

Death Shrine/Necropolis - (Thanos) The palace Thanos built for Death in space. Large steps lead up to Thanos' throne, and two likenesses of death are positioned at each side of the stairs. Mephisto is sitting on the stairs, tossing a skull into the air and watching the action. The petrified bodies of Thor, Giant-Man, Scarlet Witch, and Drax the Destroyer can be seen in various places.

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