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Marvel Super Heroes Versus Street Fighter Stages

1. Shadow in the Park - A park setting with a lake in the background. Gambit, Rogue, Rose, and Charlie can all be seen standing on the other side of the lake.

2. Raging Inferno

3. Mall Mayhem

4. Dead or Live: The Show - A TV stage.

5. Code Red -

6. Raging Inferno (un-lit)

7. Manhatten - A New York street. After the first round, the contestants break through the street and fight the next round in the sewer.

8. The Cataract

9. The Temple of Fists

10. The Cataract (?)

11. Death Valley

NNo Apocalypse Now - Apocalypse's stage, available only when fighting him. Captured heroes, including Psylocke and Forge, are held in tubes suspended from the ceiling.

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