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Marvel Versus Capcom Stages

1. Rooftop of the Daily Bugle - The rooftop of the New York newspaper office. The space between two buildings has been webbed by Spider-Man.

2. Blue Area of the Moon - The home of the Inhumans.

3. Avengers Headquarters - Home base of the Avengers, located in Avengers Mansion in New York.

4. Headquarters of Evil

5. Dr. Wily's Military Base - Headquarters of Mega Man's nemesis Dr. Wily. He can be seen shouting through a megaphone at the combatents, and there is a pile of Hard Hat Harrys on the right.

6. Neo St. Petersburg

7. Live House of the Dark Realm -

8. Honda's Bathhouse - Japanese bathhouse used by E.Honda. Unfortunately, he is nowhere to be found on the stage.

9. The Cliff of Desolation

Nno Honda's Bathhouse - A Japanese bathhouse more closely resembling E.Honda's stage in the Street Fighter 2 series. To get to this stage, your opponent must be thrown against the right wall at least two times. Once the wall is broken, both combatents can move freely from the original stage to the bathhouse and back again.

Nno Rooftop Over Central Park - Onslaught's stage, only available when fighting him. It is night, and the New York skyline can be seen in the distance.

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