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Height: 5'5"

Weight: 108 lbs.

Blood Type: B

Nationality: Unknown

Discipline: Shadowlaw training

"Target destroyed."

Juli was once a young girl named Julia who was a member of the Thunderfoot tribe, the same tribe that Thunderhawk belonged to. Members of the tribe began dissapearing, and Julia was one of those who were abducted by the criminal organization called Shadowlaw. The leader of the group, M.Bison, planned on locating a base on the tribe's reservation. Building an army at the same time, he brainwashed Julia and placed her in his super soldier program. Through Shadowlaw's demonic technology, Julia was biotechnically enhanced to become the perfect soldier and a lethal assassin. Code-named Juli, she was often paired with the enhanced soldier Juni.

It is unknown just how long Juli was in Bison's employ, but it is known that one day she received orders from Bison to hunt down and retrieve the super soldier called Cammy. Bison's top assassin, Cammy had gone AWOL and had not reported to the base in weeks. Juli began to track Cammy, but encountered Thunderhawk along the way. The might warrior had left the reservation to look for the missing tribesmen, and instantly recognized Julia. The two fought, but even with her enhancements Juli was no match for the powerful Thunderhawk and was defeated. Thunderhawk took the unconscious Julia back to the reservation, and vowed to remain by her side until the brainwashing wore off and she returned to a normal life.

-Juli means July in German, leading some to speculate that there is a clone of Cammy for every month.
1. Street Fighter Alpha 3
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