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Height: 5'4"

Weight: 101 lbs.

Blood Type: AB

Nationality: Unknown

Discipline: Shadowlaw training

"COA-002 setup complete."

Juni is one of Shadowlaw's biotechnically enhanced super soldiers. Having been brainwashed, Juni has no ideas about her true origin, and is completely loyal to M.Bison. She is often paired with Juli, and her aggresive fighting style contrasts with Juli's precision. The two were among Bison's top assassins, and were often given the most dangerous assignments. Juni was ordered by Bison to track down the world champion Ryu and obtain a sample of his DNA. This sample would be used by Bison to improve his already vast power. Ryu turned out to be a hard man to find, however, and after weeks of searching Juni returned to Shadowlaw base. When she arrived, she found it in ruins and no trace of Bison could be found. Lost without any new commands, Juni never overcame her programming and began wandering to find her missing master. Her current wherabouts are unknown.

-Juni means June in German, leading to speculation that there is a Cammy clone for every month of the year.
1. Street Fighter Alpha 3
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