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Name: Unknown

POB: Unknown

Height: 9' (approximately)

Weight: Unknown

"Like father, like son. Suffer!"

Blackheart is the son of Mephisto. He is a demonic creation, born of man's hate and fear. His father groomed him to become his second-in-command, and Blackheart toiled to gather souls for Mephisto. In his travels, he gained a sense of independance, and began to think that he should be ruling in his father's place. He staged an unsuccessful coup, and was banished from Mephisto's domain for his treason. As further punishment, his sanity was taken away. Now, banished on Earth with his powers intact but his mind shattered, Blackheart looks to gather enough souls to overpower Mephisto and take control of his realm.

1. Marvel Super Heroes 2. Marvel Super Heroes Versus Street Fighter 3. Marvel Versus Capcom 2 (arcade secret character)
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