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Name: Cletus Kasady

POB: Brooklyn, USA

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190 lbs.

"My symbiote is tops. Everyone should have one!"

Cletus Kasady was an orphaned youth who grew into an insane serial killer. Jailed for a dozen counts of first degree murder, Kasady found himself in a cell with Eddie Brock, better known as Venom. Venom made an escape after several weeks, but accidentally left behind a part of his symbiotic costume. The living seed bonded with Kasady, and he became Carnage, a creature totally devoted to wanton slaughter. At one point, he and a band of other bloodthirsty beings laid seige to New York City, but nowadays Carnage is satisfied with hunting down super heroes. He is truly a maniac who should be avoided.

- Carnage first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #360, March 1992
1. Marvel Versus Capcom (alternate version of Venom)
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