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Name: Scott Summers

POB: Anchorage, USA

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 195 lbs.

"To victory!"

Scott Summers was orphaned at an early age, and spent most of his formative years in and out of orphanages. As he grew older, he discovered that he could shoot powerful energy beams from his eyes, which he could not control. He was approached by Charles Xavier, and recruited into Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning. Donning a pair of ruby quartz glasses that would control his strange power, Scott found that the students at the Institute were mutants just like him. Xavier taught them to use their power to defend themselves, and they formed the X-Men to locate and protect other mutants. Cyclops, as Scott was now called, led the X-Men for many years. He left active duty for a while, but has now returned to lead the X-Men against threats like that of Apocalypse.
- Cyclops first appeared in X-Men #1, September 1963
1. X-Men: Children of the Atom 2. X-Men Versus Street Fighter 3. Marvel Super Heroes Versus Street Fighter 4. Marvel Versus Capcom (helper character) 5. Marvel Versus Capcom 2
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