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Name: Victor VonDoom

POB: Latveria

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 225 lbs.

"Once again, I prove myself to be lord of all I survey!"

Born in the tiny European nation Latveria, Victor Von Doom grew up the son of a peasant farmer and a gypsy mother. Victor possessed a great intellect, though, and earned a scholorship to a prestigious American university. There, he met his intellectual equal in Reed Richards (who would later go on to become Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four). Always trying to outdo Richards, Victor began secretly experimenting with black magic. In one of his attempts to fuse science and magic, one of his devices exploded, and Victor's face was horribly scarred. He was expelled from the university and sent back home to Latveria. Victor did not care, though, as he had now set his sights on world domination. Donning a sophisticated robotic suit with a metallic mask to hide his scarred visage, Victor became Dr. Doom. Using the mighty weapons at his disposal, Dr. Doom conquered Latveria and then made several attempts to take the world. His quest for power knows no end, and he is now attempting to capture the mighty Infinity Gauntlet, currently in the possession of Thanos.

- Dr. Doom first appeared in Fantastic Four #5, July 1962
1. Marvel Super Heroes (secret character) 2. Marvel Versus Capcom 2
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