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Name: Robert Bruce Banner

POB: Dayton, USA

Height: 7'6"

Weight: 1150 lbs.

"Brains and body...What a perfect combo!"

Bruce Banner was a brilliant atomic scientist who was respected throughout the scientific community. During the Cold War, he developed an atomic bomb which harnessed the power of Gamma radiation. During a test for this deadly device, Banner noticed that a teenager had wandered out into the test site. His supervisors unwilling to halt the tests, Banner selflessly drove out into the test area to save the youth. He managed to get the teen behind a bunker, but Banner himself was bathed in the deadly radiation as the bomb exploded. He awoke days later, and soon found that the gamma radiation had not killed him but had drastically altered his body. At night, he turned into the incredible Hulk, a huge green being with immense strength. Although he was conscious when he was the Hulk, the monster functioned as a seperate, less intelligent entity that Banner had no control over. The Hulk was considered to be a menace, but was largely misunderstood. He has undergone many changes since then, and currently Banner is able to control the Hulk, combining his intelligence and morals with the Hulk's great strength and stamina. No menace is too powerful or too strong for the Hulk.

- Hulk first appeared in Incredible Hulk #1, May 1962
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