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Name: Magnus

POB: Germany

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 190 lbs.

"Your strength is great, but it still pales before my unlimited might."

Magneto's full name is unknown; he goes by the name of Magnus. He was born in Germany, and lost most of his family in a Nazi concentration camp. As he grew older, he developed magnetic powers that he tried his best to hide. He was friends with Charles Xavier, who he found to be a fellow mutant, but they disagreed when it came to human-mutant relations. Xavier saw a future where the two races would peacefully coexist, but Magnus, his heart filled with hatred, saw mutants as the eventual rulers of the Earth. Years after he and Xavier parted company, he became the super villain known as Magneto, and found himself opposed by Xavier's X-Men. His control over the Earth's magnetic field made him a formidable opponent, but the X-Men seemingly always found a way to defeat him. He was their most bitter enemy for years, but he grew tired of the enmity and tried to reconcile with his old friend. His stint as a hero was short lived, as his hatred for his human persecutors returned. He formed a mutant colony on an artificial asteroid orbiting the Earth, and plans the subjugation of the human race from Asteroid M.

- Magneto first appeared in X-Men #1, September 1963
1. X-Men: Children of the Atom (secret character) 2. Marvel Super Heroes 3. X-Men Versus Street Fighter 4. Marvel Versus Capcom (helper character) 5. Marvel Versus Capcom 2 (arcade only)
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