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Dr. Doom's Win Quotes

Marvel Super Heroes
It amuses me to let you live. Next time, you may not be so lucky.
Once again, I prove myself to be lord of all I survey!
Polish my boots, so long as you're groveling on the floor.
You are a gnat, easily swatted aside by my armored fist. Bother me no more!
You are but one of hundreds who I have crushed beneath my feet.
Your pitiful attempt at combat has only succeeded in annoying me. Begone!

Endboss Dialogue

Marvel Super Heroes
Thanos: You are a fool! Did you truly believe I would allow you to defeat me? A billion souls have known death at my hand. It is time you joined them!

Dr. Doom: I am the only being fit to wield that power... as you shall now witness.

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