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Spider-Man's Win Quotes

Marvel Super Heroes
If you had a brain, you might be dangerous.
Not bad...but you still look stupid in that outfit.
You could win if you didn't keep hitting my foot with your head.
Your cha-cha wasn't bad, but your mambo definitely needs work.
You'll make somebody a great sidekick someday!
You're just so cute when you're unconscious.
Just what I need...another clone! (vs. himself)

Marvel Versus Capcom
And I still have time to make it back for dinner.
Defeating bad guys is all in a day's work!
Got a beef with me pal? Well, I got one for you!
Great fight, and some great pics for the J.J!
Hope M.J. doesn't mind if I'm late tonight!
This one's sure to make the front page!

Endboss Dialogue

Marvel Super Heroes
Thanos: You are a fool! Did you truly believe I would allow you to defeat me? A billion souls have known death at my hand. It is time you joined them!

Spider-Man: A billion... really? You count that all yourself or did you hire someone?

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