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Name: Eddie Brock

POB: San Francisco, USA

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 260 lbs.

"My symbiote is tops. Everyone should have one!"

Eddie Brock was a New York reporter who gained great fame by uncovering the identity of a criminal madman known as the Sin Eater. When Spider-Man caught the real Sin Eater and proved Brock's story to be false, Brock was disgraced and lost his job. He soon developed a pathological hatred for Spider-Man, and while visiting a church one night came upon one who shared his enmity. The symbiotic costume that Spider-Man had once worn had tried to bond with the adventurer, and thus Spider-Man rejected it. It too wanted revenge on Spider-Man, and it and Brock joined to become Venom. The alien costume gave Venom powers that equalled and in some cases exceeded Spider-Man's own powers, and he had the ability to negate Spider-Man's spider senses. The two have clashed frequently and violently, and although they called a brief truce, remain enemies to this day. Venom is particularly dangerous, because through the costume he knew Spider-Man's secret identity. He also possesses a warped sense of justice, prepared to murder to protect the innocent. Whenever Venom's in town, Spider-Man has to watch his back.

- Venom first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #298, March 1988

- Venom co-starred in "Maximum Carnage," a Final Fight-like beat 'em up game. His super move in that game was a spinning clothesline very similar to Haggar's.

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