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Blood Type:

Nationality: Russian


"Get outta my way or I'll tear you limb from limb."

Necro was born in a small Russian village by a lake, and grew up there with two older brothers and one sister. After the collapse of the Soviet regime, he wandered toward Moscow where he was abducted, and strange experiments were conducted on his body. The experiments were an effort by Gill to unlock the secrets of life. As a result of these tests, Necro gained the ability to stretch his limbs and generate electricity, but he also lost his memory. Fascinated with Necro's abilities, Gill made Necro one of his top henchmen. Necro was unhappy at the way his body was mutilated, however, and longed to be free from his captors.

Gill entered Necro into the third World Warriors tournament as a test of Necro's abilities. Necro saw it, however, as a golden opportunity to be free from Gill and gain revenge for his disfigurement. During the tournament, Necro's memory began to resurface, and he remembered his family. He was just about to turn on Gill, when he discovered that the organization was holding his sister and his daughter, Illya and Effie, and that he must do Gill's bidding if he was to ever see them alive again. He was sent to dispatch of Ibuki before she got the "G-Files," but Alex intervened and defeated him. Seeking redemption, Necro sought out Gill, but was trapped by the retreating despot, who ensared him in a trap as he actiavted the island's self destruct sequence. Luckily for Necro, Illya had escaped in the confusion after Gill had been defeated, and was able to set Necro free. The two escaped as the island was destroyed, and the two began a search for Effie. With the knowledge that Gill was still alive, Necro knew that Effie was as well. He swore to bring Gill down, and get Effie back at all costs.

1. Street Fighter 3 2. Street Fighter 3:2nd Impact 3. Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike
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