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Blood Type:

Nationality: Indian


Pullum Purna was raised in a wealthy Indian family. Her millionaire father provided her with everything she could ever desire, and Pullum grew up wanting for nothing. However, her happy world soon come crashing down. One day, after she had become a teenager, Pullum was wandering the halls of her father's mansion when she noticed an odd silence from her grandfather's room. An active and verbal student of Hinduism, her grandfather nonetheless sat silently with a distant look in his eyes. He held a book in his hands that that had the word "Shadowlaw" printed on it. Not knowing what this "Shadowlaw" was, Pullum began to do some investigating. Her early efforts proved futile, so she mustered up enough resolve to enter a room that her father had forbidden her to enter under any circumstances. She was shocked to find out that it was some sort of a command center. From the instruments in the room, she learned that all of her father's fortune had come from Shadowlaw. The organization had brainwashed her grandfather because her father had betrayed Shadowlaw. Pullum vowed to punish the leader of Shadowlaw for his crimes, which she found out was a man named M.Bison. However, the only picture she saw of him was a silhouette, and before all her questions could be answered her moniter turned off. Leaving the mansion, she set out to find Bison accompanied by her father's bodyguard Darun. She realized that the two of them could not accomplish their goal alone, however, and she employed the aid of her friend Blair. The trio set out to find any traces of Shadowlaw and avenge Pullum's grandfather.

1. Street Fighter EX/EX Plus/EX Plus Alpha 2. Street Fighter EX 2 Plus
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