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Height: 5'9"

Weight: 119 lbs.

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Italian

Discipline: None

"Power is nothing without skill."

Little is known about the woman named Rose. Once a simple fortune teller in Genoa, Italy, Rose possesses vast powers which she uses for good. The origin of her "Soul Power" is unknown, but it is believed that she learned it from someone she calls "master." Soul power can only be controlled by a very mentally strong person, and in can transform that mental strength into physical power. Rose understands how difficult it is to wield such great power and not be corrupted by it.

Rose may have a connection to M.Bison, but the extent of their relationship is not known. She has alleged that she and Bison were once members of a secret society, and his Psycho Power is a corrupted version of Soul Power. He, however, claims that Rose is his clone. Regardless of which is true, Rose felt that it was her duty to stop Bison when he began misusing his power. She spent many years in Italy, reading tarot cards and biding her time until she managed to find some clue as to Bison's whereabouts. After the first World Warriors tournament, she sensed his dark presence in connection with the activities of Shadowlaw, a criminal organization based in Asia. Knowing it was her duty to stop Bison's misuse of his powers, Rose journied to the Shadowlaw base to seal Bison's Psycho Power. She was at first unable to find him, as Bison had gone into hiding following a defeat at the hands of Ryu and Ken. After several more months, she learned that Bison had resurfaced in Brazil. On her way to South America, Rose met another warrior who was searching for Bison, a woman named Chun-Li. The two formed an alliance, and traveled to the new Shadowlaw base together.

When they arrived, they found that an American soldier named Charlie had fought with Bison and had apparently been killed. The two women confronted the exhausted Bison, and were able to defeat him. Using her Soul Power, Rose was successful in sealing Bison's Psycho power, but Bison escaped. Rose parted from Chun-Li and returned to Genoa, content that her job was complete.

Bison resurfaced several years later, and was said to have regained his power through a massive device called a Psycho Drive. Feeling the call of duty once again, Rose set out for Thailand were the Psycho Drive was said to be located. This time she was alone, and when she confronted the newly-powered Bison she didn't stand a chance. She retreated in disgrace with Bison's allegations that she was his clone. Rose returned to Italy and has not been seen since.

1. Street Fighter Alpha 2. Street Fighter Alpha 2/Alpha 2 Gold 3. Street Fighter Alpha 3
1. Marvel Super Heroes Versus Street Fighter - On "Shadow in the Park" stage
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