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DOB: July 2, 1955

Height: 7'4"

Weight: 283 lbs.

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Thailand

Discipline: Muay Thai

"Do not challenge what you cannot defeat!"

Sagat is a strong fighter with a violent past. He was in a bad fight as a child and lost almost all the sight from his left eye. Ridiculed for his damaged eye, he lost all of his friends. At the age of 15, Sagat entered the world of Muay Thai and after only a few weeks became a champion. When he was defending his title for the first time, he was challenged by a skilled Japanese fighter named Go Hibiki. Go recognized that Sagat's damaged eye was his weak point and began targeting it. Sagat, busy defending his eye, was on the brink of defeat. The only friends he had left were those who respected his champion status, so he resolved to do anything to ensure that he would never lose again. At that moment, Hibiki executed a knee kick toward Sagat's eye. Sagat stopped defending the eye and viciously counter-attacked. His eye was completely lost, but he had won the match and defended his title. Hibiki later died from the wounds he recieved, but Sagat remained the Muay Thai champion.

Sagat spent years defending his title, and occasionally took on students. He was not much of a teacher, though, and his only real pupil was Adon. The two reigned as champions, and Sagat was regarded as a national hero. Sagat's reputation brought the World Warriors tournament to Thailand, and skilled fighters from all over the world came to challenge the mighty Muay Thai master. Sagat was unimpressed with the competition he recieved, and was surprised when a young fighter named Ryu defeated Adon. Ryu's next challenge was Sagat himself, and the two squared off for the title of tournament champion. After a long battle, Ryu emerged victorious when he nailed Sagat in the chest with a HaDoKen. Sagat was unprepared for such a powerful attack and crumpled to the ground unconscious. He awoke hours later to find his world had come crashing down around him. He had lost his title, his followers, and his pride. Even Adon had abandoned him.

Sagat was greatly dishonored by his loss, and he formed a burning hatred for Ryu as he trained to regain his title. The giant scar on his chest reminded him of his failure, and he was determined to defeat Ryu and restore his honor. One day, he was visited by an angry fighter named Dan, who was the son of Go Hibiki. Dan sought vengeance on Sagat for the death of his father, and Sagat was prepared to take his rage out on anyone. Dan was easily defeated, and would have been killed had Ryu not intervened. Sagat had been disgraced by Ryu yet again, and this only fueled his hatred for the Shotokan warrior. As Ryu stood over him, Sagat swore to him that he would not stop until Ryu was dead.

Sometime after his second defeat, Sagat was approached by M.Bison, the leader of Shadowlaw, and was asked to join the criminal organization. Sagat declined, as his only purpose was the defeat of Ryu. After months of further training, Sagat once again confronted Ryu and challenged him to a fight. The battle was over quickly, and Sagat was the victor. However, as Sagat stood over Ryu's battered body he saw pity in the young man's eyes. It was then that he understood that Ryu had allowed him to win. Ryu had intended for the gesture to pad Sagat's bruised ego, but it only increased Sagat's disgrace. Sagat left Ryu, his rage increasing with every defeat. Not long after that, Sagat suffered two humiliating defeats at the hands of Adon and Dan. Truly at his lowest, Sagat approached M.Bison and accepted his previous invitation to join Shadowlaw. Along with Balrog and Vega, Sagat became one of the Four Lords of Shadowlaw. Using the organization's training facilities (and perhaps some of Bison's psycho power), Sagat improved his already powerful moves and developed many new ones. Although his contempt for Ryu was still intact, he began to realize the limitations of hatred as a fighting tool. He began concentrating on skill rather than emotion during his training sessions, and emerged an even more powerful warrior.

In time, Bison hosted the second World Warriors tournament at the Shadowlaw base in Thailand. As the second to last boss in the competition, Sagat faced only the best fighters, but the only one who mattered to him was Ryu. After defeating a wounded Guile and an out-of-practice Ken, Sagat finally faced Ryu. Despite his improved arsenal, Sagat was defeated once again. Sagat left Shadowlaw in disgrace, and is said to be training in secrecy for the day he will finally defeat his nemesis.

-Sagat means "protector"
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