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DOB: March 15, 197x

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 92 lbs.

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Japanese

Discipline: Shotokan Karate (modified)

"Do you have time for a beating before my next class?"

Sakura Kasugano was a normal fifteen year old until one day when she saw Ryu participate in a street fight. Since that day, Sakura became obsessed with Street Fighting, and has tried to emulate Ryu's Shotokan fighting style. She trained on her own and with Dan, and began sparring with local fighters herself. She even began fighting with the boys at her school, and was suspended several times. Her parents disapproved, and Sakura had to keep her fights secret. They attracted attention from her schoolmates, particularly Karin, the privelaged heiress to the Kanzuki clan. Karin was proficient in several martial art styles, and challenged Sakura to fight one day after school. Sakura won, greatly embarrasing Karin. A few days later, Karin invited Sakura to participate in a tournament she was hosting. Sakura defeated dozens of opponents before being defeated by the American karate champ Ken Masters. The tournament was not a total loss, as she learned the whereabouts of Ryu from Ken.

Sakura's parents eventually came to terms with her dangerous hobby, and even allowed her to continue her search for Ryu. Using the money she had earned during Karin's tournament, she took a trip to to the temple where Ryu was said to be staying. Finally coming face to face with her idol, she challenged him to a fight. Ryu was amazed that a sixteen year old with no training was able to throw Hadokens, and held back his full power during the fight. He still won easily, but caused her no harm. Not surprised that the great warrior had defeated her, Sakura asked Ryu to become her teacher. Ryu, feeling that he was still learning himself, told Sakura that he could teach no one until he learned the true meaning of the fight. He left her with an autographed picture, and Sakura pondered his words as she continued her training.

After a few years, Sakura left home to find Ryu once again in the hopes that he was prepared to teach her. She never found him, but again met up with Dan, who had founded the Saikyo Ryu dojo in Hong Kong since their last meeting. Sakura told Dan that she was looking for Ryu again, and Dan decided to prove he was better than Sakura's rival and took Sakura as a pupil. Thus, Sakura became an unwilling student at the Saikyo dojo, not knowing if she would ever find Ryu again.

-Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese. It is a symbol of impermanency, which is reflected in Sakura's temporary interest in Street Fighting.
1. Street Fighter Alpha 2/Alpha 2 Gold 2. Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha 3. Marvel Super Heroes Versus Street Fighter 4. Street Fighter Alpha 3 5. Marvel Versus Capcom (Dreamcast secret character) 6. SNK Versus Capcom 7. Marvel Versus Capcom 2 (Dreamcast selectable, arcade secret character)
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