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Blood Type:

Nationality: Brazilian

Discipline: Shotokan Karate

"Don't call me Dan!"

Sean is a half-Brazilian, half-Japanese boy from a middle-income family in San Paolo, Brazil. He happened one day to witness the Street Fighter Ken in a fight with the local legend Blanka. Impressed and inspired by Ken, he hit the road in search of him, seeking to become his student. Encountering many on his journey, he learned of another fighter named Dan Hibiki, whom he was often compared to. By the time of the third Street Fighter tournament, Sean had found Ken and incessantly begged and pleaded with Ken to train him in the martial arts. Ken reluctantly took him around wherever he fought so he could observe, but he refused to train him. Sean only learned by observing Ken, and dreamed of creating his own unique style. But Sean was captured by Gill's organization, and they used him as bait to lure Ken into a trap. Ken ended up once again ensnared in a deadly game by Gill's organization, and was locked in mystical combat with Gill's brother Urien as a helpless Sean watched. As the two battled, Chun-Li appeared and freed Sean. He rushed to aid Ken, but Chun-Li stopped him. She told him that Ken could take care of himself, and he should let him handle it. After it was over and Ken had defeated Urien, Ken simply told Sean that if he wanted to be the best, he should seek out Ryu, and attempt to defeat him. Ken later introduced Sean to Ryu, and the two fought. Ryu defeated him easily, and Sean realized that he would need more training if he ever hoped to defeat Ryu.

1. Street Fighter 3 2. Street Fighter 3:2nd Impact 3. Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike
1. Marvel Versus Capcom - In Ryu's ending
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