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Rock's Weapon Data

Primary Weapons

Apocalypse - A gigantic axe Rock carried to protect himself and Bangoo against the wild beasts that inhabited the new world.

Secondary Weapons

Stone Club - A gigantic club Rock chiseled from a monolith in the American wilderness.

Crescent Ax - An ax Rock found at the altar in the Shrine of Confined Demons.

War Hammer - A powerful ax that Rock took from Hwang and Seung Mina after he defeated them. The two had unearthed the weapon during their travels.

Twin Ax - An ax with two blades, awarded to Rock after his victory at the Colusseum.

Cross Ax - Ax obtained at Ostrhinesburg castle just before it's fall.

Double Tomahawk - An ax that Rock took from the weapons storehouse in Vercci's Money Pit.

Great Ax - Rock's mightiest weapon.

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