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Voldo's Weapon Data

Primary Weapons

Karma and Mara - A set of twin katars. Vercci collected treasures from every corner of the world and believed that he had everything that was worth collecting. His enormous treasure trove included many rare foreign curiosities, but Vercci favored the Katars which were brought back from India. He gave Karma and Mara to his loyal vassal Voldo as weapons. These katars were just one of the dozens of types stored in the Money Pit. Even after Vercci's death, these weapons were used to hunt down robbers and adventurers who ventured into the Money Pit.

Shame and Blame - Twin katars Voldo began using after his return to the Money Pit. Shame and Blame are one of the dozens of Katar types stored there.

Secondary Weapons
Full Moon - A hand-held circular blade stored in the Money Pit's weapons store.

Iron Claw - A weapon with three short blades that fits on to the back of the hand. Voldo procured it from Ostrhinesburg Castle.

Guillotine - Gigantic hand-held blades, taken from the armory at Noto Castle.

Poison Arrow - Hand-held blade dipped in poison. It was given to Voldo by a defeated Li Long, who had tried to use the weapon against him.

Buffalo Horn - Weapons with two curved blades. Voldo recieved it as a prize for his victory at the Colosseum.

Pata - Another Indian weapon similar to Voldo's katar, except it possessed a long, slender blade. Voldo found them among some ruins in the Gobi Desert.

Soul Edge - The legendary evil sword, Voldo's ultimate weapon.

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