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Blood Type:

Nationality: Chinese

Discipline: Kempo

"Some days are better than others. Today was bad for me but really bad for you."

Yang Lee is one of the "Twin Dragons" of Hong Kong. The Water Storm Dragon, Yang is the more calm of the two brothers, and unlike Yun, Yang stays back and views the situation before reacting impetously. Yang lets hair do what it likes, and he enjoys roller blading. Yang and Yun control many of the youth gangs in and around Shanghai, but there is always a bit of controversy as to which of the two has MORE control of them. The two Dragons are also rumored to have ties to eight underworld bosses, their godfathers. With their help, Yun and Yang are relied upon as the youth leaders and protectors for the city. Yang's parents passed away when he and his brother were only six months old. They were raised by their uncle, Lee and trained in the martial arts by their grandfather, Gen. Yang joined the third World Warrior tournament upon hearing that his brother Yun had done so as well. The youth gangs in the area had pushed for the both of them to enter, and so Yun did to try and prove himself to them. Yang entered, secretly hoping to face his brother, and show Yun that he was not as good as he thought himself to be. The two eventually met and fought each other, and Yang barely edged out his brother in a fantastic match. However, Yang then faced the former champion Ryu, who defeated him, but complemented him on his performance, telling him that he has rarely seen such potential. The two brothers then returned home, and continued to protect Shanghai as the leaders of the "young dragons".

1. Street Fighter 3 2. Street Fighter 3:2nd Impact 3. Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike
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