Welcome to Vega's Street Fighter page! This page is dedicated to the characters and games from the popular Street Fighter series. In it, you'll find full character bios for every playable character in every Street Fighter game. I also have a section which gives information on each game, and a links section to other interesting Street Fighter sites. Many of these sites were helpful in the creation of this page; most of the pictures and anigifs came from these sites. Recent updates forced me to move my Soul Blade and Mortal Kombat sections to save space. To view these sites, visit the Soul Blade/Mortal Kombat Site. It's the same stuff, just at a different location. A quick note on the Street Fighter bios: This series boasts the best character lineup of any fighting game, but there is unfortunately little definitive information on them. Much of the information in these bios came from sources such as the animated movie and comics, which helped to flesh out the characters' histories and tournament outcomes. Any information that conflicted with actual game facts was ignored. This, I believe, produced the best character descriptions possible. I hope you enjoy this page!


Character Select Pages - Bios for every character in the Street Fighter, Final Fight, and Marvel/Versus series. Each page is available in graphic and text format, and the Street Fighter page is also divided into three seperate pages for quicker loading.
	Street Fighter - (Text Format)
		Characters Adon-Fei Long
		Characters Garuda-Pullum
		Characters Q-Zangief
	Final Fight - (Text Format)
	Marvel/Versus Characters - (Text Format)

Games - List of games released and information on each one. Soul Blade/Mortal Kombat - Two seperate sections featuring these two games. Links - Links to some of my favorite sites.

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