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Blood Type:

Nationality: Indian

Discipline: Wrestling

A mighty Indian wrestler, Darun had no freedom to choose his fights. He was the champion of a private wrestling organization sponsored by a group of millionaires. Although he lived in luxury because of his success, he longed to be able to challenge the greatest fighters from around the world. Luck was with him one day when Pullum Purna, the daughter of one of the millionaires, hired Darun as her bodyguard. She was setting out to discover the secret of the criminal organization Shadowlaw, which would give Darun the chance to meet up with some worthy challengers. Jumping at the opportunity, Darun set out with Pullum and another of the millionaires' daughters, Blair, on what proved to be a fantastic journey.

1. Street Fighter EX/EX Plus/EX Plus Alpha 2. Street Fighter EX 2 Plus
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