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DOB: October 31, 1965

Height: 6'

Weight: 203 lbs.

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Jamaican

Discipline: Kickboxing

"Your problem is you don't have any rhythm!"

Dee-Jay is a very musically inclined yet down-on-his-luck kickboxer from Jamaica. He had been unable to make a living as a musician, so he was using his kickboxing talents to earn money. He had learned his unique fighting style by following the rhythm of his music, and hoped to one day find the perfect blend between fighting and music. He had reached his limit with the local fighters, and thus sought bigger and better challenges. In his travels, he learned that a man named M.Bison was hosting a World Warriors tournament. So, he journied to Thailand in the hopes of winning the tournament. He planned to use his winnings to finally record a reggae album and make it big. However, he did not make it very far in the tournament before he was defeated by Zangief. Although he was discouraged by his loss, during one of his matches he had created what he considered to be his best song ever. Returning home, he continued kickboxing and took on odd jobs until he finally was able to scrape enough money together to make a record. One of the songs he included was the tune he created during the World Warriors tournament. A major recording studio heard the song and gave Dee-Jay a record deal. After all his hard work, Dee-Jay finally hit the big time, becoming a famous reggae star with his unique musical style.

-Dee-Jay was a Capcom USA creation.
1. Super Street Fighter 2 2. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo 3. Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PSX version)
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