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M. Bison

DOB: Unknown

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 254 lbs.

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Unknown


"My every victory signifies the crumbling of justice!"

Little is known about the man called M. Bison, except that he controlled an awesome force known as Psycho Power and was the absolute ruler of an organization called Shadowlaw. It is unknown how Bison recieved his power, although many rumors have been circulated. Some say that Bison recieved his powers nearly twenty years ago, when his troops stumbled upon a mystical temple deep within the Cambodian jungle. Within the temple, Bison supposedly made a deal with the dark forces he found there, and they granted him the use of the psycho powers before vanishing. However, the spirits warned that these powers would drive Bison mad, and that he would be tempted to misuse his power. Bison did not heed the warning, and sure enough the power began warping his mind. He then amassed a vast criminal empire and began overrunning many smaller Asian countries. He began to create an elite force of soldiers, and searched for the best fighters in the world to recruit into his army.

Hearing of the World Warrior tournament, he witnessed Sagat's defeat at the hands of Ryu. Realizing the power which Ryu possessed, Bison began a search for Ryu in order to recruit him. At roughly the same time, his forces captured a U.S. military group that had been running reconaissance near the Shadowlaw base. Bison ordered that an experimental drug known as DOLL be tested on the soldiers. DOLL was a psychoactive drug, and the members of the group began killing each other. Only two, Charlie and Guile resisted the drug and later escaped. Bison's search for Ryu had not gone well, and he was forced to evacuate his base when Charlie returned to the base to arrest him. Bison defeated Charlie easily and assumed he had been killed, but the base's cover had been blown.

Bison made Brazil his home base, and he continued to search for worthy allies. He was initially turned down by Sagat, but later gained his allegience when he sprung Sagat from jail. His army had already been assembled, made up of trained soldiers and brainwashed assassins such as Cammy, Juni, and Juli. Bison, however, was not satisfied, and wanted Ryu to join him to increase his Psycho Power. Bison soon discovered that several skilled fighters had banded together to bring him down. Charlie confronted him again and was believed killed by a Shadowlaw soldier, but the words of the dark spirits had finally come back to haunt Bison. Rose, a woman with some connection to Bison, had come to punish him for the misuse of his power. Together, she and Chun-Li defeated Bison, and Rose was successful in sealing off Bison's Psycho power. However, Bison escaped yet again, to plan his revenge.

After having offers to join Shadowlaw turned down by warriors such as Birdie and Adon, Bison finally recruited Vega and Balrog, and together with Sagat made them the Four Lords of Shadowlaw. In order to restore his Psycho Power, Bison constructed the massive Psycho Drive in a secret base in Thailand, designed to siphon the life energies of strong fighters and convert them to Psycho Power. After testing it out on lesser fighters, Bison actually succeeded in capturing Ryu and attempted to draw out Ryu's negative energies. Possessing great inner strength, Ryu was able to resist Bison's temptation and managed to escape. Bison then realized that he could not corrupt Ryu, and needed to look elsewhere for the ultimate power source.

Sometime later, Bison's Psycho Drive came under attack from a joint Interpol/ U.S. military force. They would not have been able to destroy Bison's base had it not been for the brave sacrifice of Charlie, who had returned from near death to once again put a crimp in Bison's plans. His Psycho Drive destroyed, Bison evacuated the base before it exploded. It was a minor setback, as Bison was now fully powered and Shadowlaw was more prosperous than ever.

Although his organization was now vastly powerful and ruled most of Asia's underworld, Bison wanted more. He had heard of a mysterious fighter that was even more powerful than Ryu, and it was Bison's hope to draw this warrior out into the open and recruit him into Shadowlaw. He also hoped to bolster Shadowlaw's stranglehold on Asia, and then take aim at global domination. Although still based in Thailand, Bison hoped to extend his rule to the Eastern continents, and purchased land for a fortress on the Mexican border. It was for these reasons that Bison decided to host the second World Warrior tournament. Bison established himself as the Grand Master of the tournament, and it seemed that there were no fighters worthy of his attention. As more entered the tournament, however, Bison found that he had made several enemies that would not be easily defeated. Chun-Li had returned to avenge her father's death, for which Bison had been responsible. Guile, whom Bison had captured several years before, had entered the tournament to avenge his friend Charlie's death. A Native American called Thunderhawk had come to reclaim his people's land, and Cammy had been sent by the British MI-6 to defeat him.

Despite all these personal vendettas, it was none of these warriors who finally brought Bison down. Bison had been confronted by Cammy, and he proceeded to tell the amnesiac about her past. Outraged at what she believed to be Bison's lies, she attacked Bison. Vega intervened, and was only stopped from killing Cammy when Chun-Li defeated him. After this scuffle, Bison found out that Balrog had been defeated by Ryu, so he sent Sagat, his last remaining Grand Master, to retrieve Ken. Sagat was defeated by Ken, but Bison took advantage of the fighter's depleted condition and quickly dispatched him. That left only one fighter to stand against him: Ryu. Bison was at the height of his power, but Ryu brought him down with a powerful ShoRyuKen. Bison slipped into unconsciousness, and when he awoke, he found an unknown fighter standing over him. It was, in fact, Akuma, the fighter Bison had heard about. Before Bison could ask Akuma to join him, Akuma used his lethal Raging Demon technique on the fallen dictator. Although Bison was believed to have been killed, no body was ever found, and it is possible that Bison survived the encounter and is living somewhere in hiding, once again planning world dominance.

-M.Bison is known as Vega in Japan. For more on this, click here.
1. Street Fighter 2 (unselectable boss) 2. Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition 3. Street Fighter 2 Turbo 4. Super Street Fighter 2 5. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo 6. Street Fighter Alpha (secret character) 7. Street Fighter Alpha 2/Alpha 2 Gold 8. X-Men Versus Street Fighter 9. Street Fighter EX/EX Plus/EX Plus Alpha 10. Marvel Super Heroes Versus Street Fighter 11. Street Fighter Alpha 3 12. Street Fighter EX 2 Plus 13. Marvel Versus Capcom 2 (arcade secret character) 14. SNK Versus Capcom
1. Marvel Versus Capcom - In Chun-Li's ending
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