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DOB: July 21, 1969

Height: 7'7"

Weight: 357 lbs.

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Mexican

Discipline: Indian Wrestling

"My totem is too great for your desperate fighting techniques!"

Thunderhawk was a proud Native American warrior with a fierce respect for his heritage. He is an incredibly strong man, and his graceful wrestling techniques made him the greatest warrior of the proud Thunderfoot tribe. The Thunderfoot reservation like so many others was dominated by poverty, and T.Hawk strove to use his great skills to inspire his people to rise above their current situation and restore the tribe's former glory.
T.Hawk noticed one day that members of his tribe were missing. Searches were conducted on and off the reservation, but nothing was turned up. The authorities promised to look into the matter, but people kept dissapearing. Then one day Julia, a young girl who had been very close to T.Hawk, vanished as well. Swearing that no one else would be lost, T.Hawk immediately left to find who was responsible. He learned of a criminal organization called Shadowlaw, who had been responsible for many atrocities. He knew it was a stretch, but Shadowlaw may have been behind the dissapearances. Using his excellent tracking abilities, T.Hawk managed to locate one of Shadowlaw's assassins. He was surprised to find that the young woman was actually Julia. His friend, now called Juli, had clearly been brainwashed and had no idea who T.Hawk was. She attacked him, and even though he held back his attacks T.Hawk was able to subdue her. Choosing to ensure her safety before resuming his quest, he returned to his reservation with the unconscious Julia.

The dissapearances stopped, and T.Hawk abandoned his search. After many months, Shadowlaw soldiers arrived at the reservation and forced the tribe to leave. It seems that the leader of Shadowlaw, M.Bison , had decided to establish a fortress in North America and had selected the reservation as the base's location. Lacking the resources necessary to mount a resistance, the tribe was forced to flee to Mexico. They endured many hardships, and T.Hawk swore to seek revenge on Bison. After the tribe had lived in Mexico for some time, T.Hawk learned that Bison was holding a World Warriors tournament. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to confront Bison, T.Hawk joined the tournament as a late entry.
With his agile Native American wrestling skills, T.Hawk inspired the lower-level tournament participants and rose in the tournament standings. He befriended a young British girl named Cammy who was a late entry as well, and soon learned that she held a grudge against Bison too. When T.Hawk was defeated by Ken and eliminated from the tournament, he and Cammy began snooping around the Shadowlaw base. They found a way in, and were on their way to Bison's chambers when they were halted by Sagat. Thunderhawk detained Sagat so that Cammy could reach Bison, but he was brutally beaten by the Muay Thai fighter and taken prisoner. He did not spend long in the prison before he was rescued by Interpol and sent back to his tribe.

Shadowlaw had fallen since Bison's defeat, and the base that had been built on the reservation was abandoned. Even though he himself had not defeated Bison, Thunderhawk was hailed as a hero by his people and led them home to rebuild the lives they had left so long ago.

1. Super Street Fighter 2 2. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo 3. Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Playstation and Dreamcast versions)
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