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What's in a name? Apparently a lot, when it comes to Street Fighter games. The names of three of the four grand masters are different between the Japanese and American versions of Street Fighter 2. It all stems from a joke that could have turned into a U.S. lawsuit.

In Street Fighter one, there was a out-of-luck boxer named Mike. When it came time to make Street Fighter 2, the creaters took this character and turned him into Mike Bison, an obvious parody of Mike Tyson . M.Bison, as he would be called, looked similar to Tyson. They then created Balrog (the Spanish ninja), and Vega (the boss of Shadowlaw). When it came time to release the game in the U.S., it was realized that Tyson could possibly sue them, so they switched the Grand Masters'names around. The main boss became M(aster) Bison, the ninja was named Vega, and the controversial boxer was called Balrog. Capcom was never sued, and "Balrog's" appearance became less like Tyson's as the series went on. That is why the character Mike is considered a different character than the Street Fighter 2 boxer.

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