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Name: Mephisto

POB: Unknown

Height: Variable

Weight: Unknown

"I am the malevolance named Mephisto."

Mephisto is the king of the dead. For milennia, he has ruled his dimension, and he is the absolute master of countless demons. He has the ability to take on any form he desires, and uses his powers to corrupt pure souls that he may take them to his domain. He takes pleasure in tormenting the evil souls that are forced to come to him, but is only satisfied when a once good soul is turned to evil. Mephisto began grooming his son Blackheart as his second in command. Because he possessed powers that rivaled Mephisto's own, the prince of lies hoped that Blackheart could travel the many dimensions and harvest even more souls to feul his fiery pits. However, Blackheart soon rebelled against him, and Mephisto banished him from his domain and removed his son's sanity. Ruling the demonic hordes alone once again, Mephisto is still searching for the souls that will satisfy his hunger.

- Mephisto first appeared in Silver Surfer #3, in 1968
1. Marvel Super Heroes Versus Street Fighter (alternate character of Blackheart)
1. Marvel Super Heroes - On Thanos' stage
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