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Height: 6'5"

Weight: 260 lbs.

Blood Type:


Discipline: None

Damnd was a member of the Mad Gear Gang who controlled the slum area of Metro City. Because of his strength and brutal nature, he gained the nickname "Thrasher." Although he was a tough fighter, he was not a very skilled one and often had to rely on his henchmen during a fight. Thrasher was given orders by Belger to kidnap Mike Haggar 's daughter Jessica. He did so, and then contacted Haggar with the ransom demands. When Haggar, Guy and Cody came looking for Jessica, Thrasher was the first person they came after. Thrasher and his thugs quickly fell to the superior might of the three warriors, and Thrasher was forced to flee from the authorities. Months later, Thrasher became a member of Sodom's short lived New Mad Gear, but since then his whereabouts are unknown.
1. Final Fight/Final Fight Guy (unselectable) 2. Final Fight Revenge
1. Street Fighter Alpha - in Sodom's ending 2. Street Fighter Alpha 2 - in Guy's stage
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