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Height: 5'10"

Weight: 178 lbs.

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Japanese American

Discipline: Bushin Ninjitsu

"Don't worry, everyone loses to me!"

Guy is a Japanese American who was born in Metro City. As he was growing up, Guy got mixed up with the wrong crowd and joined a group of thugs known as the Mad Gear Gang. As a member of the gang, Guy terrorized Metro City until something inside him told him what he was doing was wrong. He quit the Mad Gear, and decided to return to his ancestral home of Japan to seek out his roots. However, a man cannot change overnight, and Guy was still a dangerous barbarian. The people he encountered often avoided dealing with him because of his quick temper. Only one man saw potential in Guy. This man was Zeku, the 38th Bushin master. Although he realized that Guy showed great hatred against other people, Zeku sensed Guy's true martial arts potential and believed that Guy could revive the true essence of the Bushin style.

The origins of Bushinryu Ninjutsu trace back to the year 1440. It was a one-on-one fighting style that was intended for real fighting, not sport or showmanship like other martial arts. In the Sengoku era, those who practiced true Bushin were very popular, but that popularity had waned over the years and the modern form was more for show. Many people, including Zeku, were worried about Bushin's degradation and hoped to revive the true martial arts style. Zeku felt that the savage Guy, if properly trained, could breath life back into Bushin. So, Zeku decided to entrust the future of Bushin to Guy and began training him.

Guy was a fast learner, and began to take control of his violent nature. After several years of training, Zeku told Guy that his training was nearly complete. However, Guy was not a Bushin master yet. There could only be one at a time, and Zeku was the current master. Only after Zeku's death could he become a true master. Zeku urged Guy to return to Metro City and gain all the experience he could for the time when he would become master.

Guy returned to the U.S., and Zeku disappeared. Still striving to perfect his style, Guy entered into several local competitions to challenge the local fighters. It was through these tournaments that he met Cody, another Metro City native that also had a love for fighting. Cody reminded Guy of the man he used to be, and the two became good friends. Cody even introduced Guy to the mayor of Metro City, former pro-wrestler Mike Haggar. Surrounded by friends, Guy felt truly happy for the first time in his life.

This happiness was ended when Cody arrived one day with terrible news: his girlfriend Jessica had been kidnapped by the Mad Gear Gang and was being held for ransom. Jessica was also Haggar's daughter, and had been kidnapped to stop Haggar's war on organized crime. Haggar and Cody begged Guy to help them rescue Jessica, and Guy could not refuse the request of his closest friends. With Guy's inside knowledge of the Mad Gear, the three men were able to single-handedly bring down the crime organization and rescue Jessica from the Mad Gear's leader Belger. In gratutude, Haggar publicly honored Cody and Guy and thanked them for their help. Unbeknownst to Guy, however, the hatred that the former Mad Gear members had felt toward Haggar was now focused on him. They considered him to have been a traitor, and many swore revenge.

After their breakup of the Mad Gear, the three men began to go their seperate ways. Guy continued to live in Metro City, but felt himself drawn back to Japan to renew his friendly rivalry with master Zeku. One day he came to a sudden realization: He would have to defeat Zeku in order to become the next Bushin master. He could not become master until the previous one died, so master Zeku may even want a duel to the death with Guy. The more Guy thought about it, the more sure he was that he could never kill the man who turned his life around. One day while walking in the streets of Metro City, Guy ran across Sodom, a former member of the Mad Gear gang. Sodom was one of the former members who sought revenge on Guy for the breakup of the Mad Gear, and Sodom also hated Guy for his supposed renouncement of his Japanese heritage. Sodom challenged Guy to a fight, and Guy quickly defeated him. Sodom escaped capture, and Guy decided that with so many Mad Gear members after him it was time to return to Japan.

He continued to train with Zeku, but never spoke about the final battle he was sure would come. After many months, Guy learned that Sodom was scouring the world trying to find him, and Zeku urged Guy to stop Sodom before he could cause any more damage. Guy found and challenged Sodom again, and was prepared to defeat him as easily until Sodom revealed his new partner, Rolento. Rolento was also a former Mad Gear member, and despite different philosophies the two had teamed up to bring Guy down. Guy would have been defeated if a wandering warrior named Ryu had not intervened. After dispatching the two criminals, Ryu and Guy talked about their quest to perfect their respective styles. From Ryu, Guy gained a new perspective on his future in Bushinryu and returned home to face Zeku for what might be the last time.

When he returned, he informed Zeku that he was ready to become the Bushin master. Zeku smiled, for this was the moment he had been waiting for. The two locked in mortal combat, and the battle raged for hours until Guy finally emerged victorious. Even though Guy refused to kill him, Zeku felt confident that the true nature of Bushin had indeed been revived in Guy. He explained to Guy that there had only been so much he could teach Guy, and that the rest Guy had to learn through experience. Proud that Guy had tapped the true power of Bushin and had staked his life to become the Bushin master, Zeku passed the mantle on to Guy.

The 39th Bushin master did not rest on his laurels. He began traveling the world in search of worthy challengers. He eventually returned to Metro City, where he found that his friend Cody had recently escaped from prison. He had been arrested because one of his street fights had gotten out of hand, and was now a fugitive from the law. Hearing that Guy had returned, Cody sought his friend out and the two spent several hours getting reacquainted. Cody soon left for parts unknown, and Guy decided to stay in Metro City and use his Bushin talents to keep his howetown free of crime.

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