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Height: 6'9"

Weight: 238 lbs.

Blood Type: A

Nationality: American

Discipline: Samurai (modified)

Weapon of choice: Katanas

"Not bad. Maybe you should work for me."

Sodom is a man who suffers from severe culture envy. Born American, he grew up loving Japanese culture and has sought all his life to become Japanese. Unfortunately, a great distaste for his own culture alienated all of Sodom's friends, and he became a loner. He was never accepted among the Japanese either, because his grasp of Japanese heritage was incomplete at best. He could not master the Japanese language either, and his peculiar half Japanese-half English speech was inaffectinately referred to as "Janglish." Yet, Sodom still tried to fit in, and donned a samurai helmet to hide his American heritage. He soon discovered one aspect of Japanese culture that he was able to master: the martial arts. His technique may have been unorthodox, but Sodom grew into a formidable fighter that demanded fear and respect.

Sodom eventually joined the Mad Gear Gang, and with his great skill he soon rose to the highest ranks of the organization. His appearance was intimidating, and was never without his katanas by his side. The other Mad Gear members often mocked Sodom behind his back for his half-baked Japanese ways, but would never do so to his face. Sodom became the most feared figure in the Metro City underworld, helping the Mad Gear maintain their hold on the city. Unprecedented fame and fortune was now Sodom's.

Sodom's prestige did not last for long, however. The Mad Gear kidnapped Mayor Mike Haggar's daughter Jessica in response to Haggar's attempted reforms and held her for ransom. Haggar, Guy and Cody declared war on the Mad Gear and single-handedly decimated the organization before rescuing Jessica. Sodom was defeated in battle by Guy, and found that his once-great power was now gone.

Sodom wandered for weeks attempting to formulate a plan of action. He decided that revenge had to be exacted, and he focused his rage on the man who had shamed him, Guy. Not only had Guy defeated Sodom in battle, but he was a Japanese man who chose to live in America. To Sodom, who still yearned to be Japanese, Guy had renounced his heritage, and this fueled his growing hatred. Sodom confronted the Bushin warrior on the streets of Metro City, only to be defeated again. Realizing that he could not tackle Guy alone, Sodom then decided to reassemble the Mad Gear gang to combat his nemesis.

He had relatively little trouble rounding up a sizeable gang, but they were mostly the lower-level Mad Gear operatives. Most of the heavy hitters, with the exception of Hugo, had been captured or were in hiding. Desperate for new recruits, Sodom recalled Rolento, who had been the commander of the Mad Gear's formidable mercenary army. If he could be found and made to join the new Mad Gear, Sodom would be unstoppable. In the meantime, Sodom began to recruit tournament fighters and other thugs to increase his ranks. His search led him to join many tournaments himself, and he won many fighters over to his side. He also abandoned his katanas for smaller jutte to conform to tournament rules, even though the sais were also technically prohibited. After much searching, Sodom finally discovered the location of Rolento's secret base. The new Mad Gear leader paid Rolento a personal visit in order gain the aid of the mercenary forces. To Sodom's surprise, Rolento quickly agreed, and the two began plotting their revenge.

Their plan of action had two parts. First, they would challenge and defeat Guy, and then they would use their combined forces to retake Metro City. The two tracked Guy down alone, and challenged him to a fight. Guy was no match for the two skilled fighters, and was on the verge of defeat when Ryu intervened. With the help of the Shotokan warrior, Guy disposed of his attackers and Sodom fled in disgrace.

He and Rolento returned to Rolento's base, and things began to get worse for Sodom. Rolento had become obsessed with perfection, and soon took complete control of the combined forces. He began weeding out those in Sodom's group that did not meet his standards, and it was clear to Sodom that he was no longer in control. In shame and defeat, Sodom left the new Mad Gear and finally embarked on a journey to Japan. He knew he needed to assemble a new force, one much stronger than his new Mad Gear had been. What better place to search for courageous warriors than his spiritual homeland?

Sodom spent weeks marveling at Japan's splendor. He became fascinated with the sport of sumo wrestling, and decided that these powerful warriors would make perfect additions to his new gang. Although he had absolutely no sumo skill whatsoever, Sodom challenged the famous Fuyinoma (a.k.a. Edmund Honda) in the hopes of winning him over to his side. Fuyinoma defeated Sodom easily, and refused the offer to join the criminal organization. Sodom left after suggesting that Fuyinoma prove the strength of sumo to the world, and began his search anew.

His search for recruits proved futile, as his reputation had not reached Japan. Dejected, Sodom returned home to Metro City. He began to keep tabs on Rolento again, and was present when M.Bison approached Rolento to recruit the mercenary into Shadowlaw. Much to Sodom's surprise, Rolento refused the mad dictator's offer. Bison ordered his soldiers to attack Rolento's troops, and the mercenary force was soon destroyed. Rolento's refusal fascinated Sodom, though, and he began to believe that Rolento's dream of a utopia was pure once again. Sodom drove his eighteen-wheeler into the desert in search of Rolento, who had escaped, and offered to forge a new partnership. Rolento, seeing that Sodom had also changed, agreed, and the two drove off into the sunset to plan their next takeover.

-Sodom's name was changed to Katana in the U.S. version of Final Fight; It was felt that the name was too controversial for the American audience. His name was returned to Sodom in the Playstation version of Street Fighter Alpha 2, but remained Katana for the Super NES version to maintain continuity with it's version of Final Fight. -The Japanese symbol on Sodom's football jersey means "death."
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