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Blood Type:

Nationality: Japanese


Kairi is a member of the Bushinryu Ninja clan. He began training at an early age alongside his younger sisters Hokuto and Nanase, and was on his way to becoming a full Bushin ninja. However, Kairi lost his patience and began practicing dark techniques that he believed would make him stronger. He indeed grew stronger, but at a terrible price. At the age of 17, Kairi left home to pursue the path of the Ashura, which he had found to be the evil Shotokan warrior Akuma. Unbeknownst to him, Akuma's powers were eating away at him and eroding his memory. After several years, Kairi was completely consumed by Akuma's evil essence. Now a complete amnesiac, Kairi wandered the earth, savagely attacking anyone who opposed him. He eventually encountered Hokuto, who was by this time a full Bushin ninja. He did not remember who she was, and thus did not hesitate to attack her. He quickly defeated Hokuto and allowed Akuma to consume her as well. Now that both Kairi and Hokuto are completely under the control of Akuma's powers, their only hope is their younger sister, Nanase.

1. Street Fighter EX/EX Plus/EX Plus Alpha (secret character in EX) 2. Street Fighter EX 2/EX 2 Plus
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