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"I rule the world! Anybody who challenges me shall be eliminated!"

Little is known about the mysterious fighter named Urien, save that he is the brother of Gill and a member of the same secret society. He has built his body to it's ultimate physical potential, and thus calls himself "The Iron Body." His powers are very similar to Gill's, and although he is a very cultured man he has a very violent nature and a dark heart. He is extremely jealous of his brother, and seeks the presidency of the society. He functioned as Gill's second in command, and yearned for the day he could dethrone his brother.

When Gill held the third World Warriors tournament, Urien saw the perfect opportunity to strike. In order to prove to the society's Elders that he was fit to be president, he had to defeat Gill in battle. The late entry never got a chance to face his brother, as many of the combatants brought the order down and defeated Gill. Urien himself grappled with Ken after the kidnapping of Sean. Ken defeated Urien after a violent struggle, and the unconscious Urien was rescued by the society's members.

Even though they understood the jealousy that Urien had to deal with, they nonetheless had to teach him a lesson for attempting to divide the society. They promoted Urien to the office of president, the position he had longed for. However, they then appointed an emperor to whom even Urien would be subservient to. The emperor was none other than Gill, and Urien was doomed to live in his brother's shadow once again.

1. Street Fighter 3:2nd Impact 2. Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike
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